What is AirCatch?
The blockchain should work for you.
AirCatch makes sending and receiving NFTs as easy and useful as email.
Why AirCatch?
  • NFTs offer so many untapped opportunities to delight audiences
  • By removing the technological barriers that have limited wide-scale adoption, AirCatch releases the potential of Web3 technologies. Now you can instantly reward fans, strengthen communities, and give everyone a chance to own a piece of their favorite creations.
  • AirCatch is the leap artists, makers, and brands have been waiting for.
The AirCatch platform gives you
Easy NFT Distribution
AirCatch allows you to create ("mint") NFTs and send them to any email address or phone number. You can also generate QR codes that allow anyone to claim an NFT.
Easy NFT Ownership
AirCatch provides a frictionless experience for owning and holding NFTs. Anyone can manage NFTs without a digital wallet, app install, or even remembering a password.
Easy NFT Utility
AirCatch provides instant solutions for redeeming and proving ownership of NFTs, unlocking the value of ownership.
AirDrop Us: info@aircatch.io